On September 3rd, THEO met a prominent political representative: THEO had the honor to personally meet Mr. Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister for Economy and Energy, at the EUREF Campus and deliver him a hot coffee as a welcome breakfast during his visit to the campus in Schoenberg, Berlin.

THEO’s team was already on site the day before for a campus-wide pilot project delivering breakfast sets. Next day, the same process was repeated at the request of the EUREF campus to deliver breakfast coffee for a special guest.

Autonomy on the roads

The guest was the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy who plays a very relevant role in bringing an emission free and autonomous future. THEO’s team monitored every aspect of the delivery to gain insights from the process and ensure a smooth delivery service. Aswin Ramachandran and Victor Borsche, Managing Directors of THEO UG, took the opportunity to also introduce THEO to the Federal Minister Peter Altmaier. The minister joked in a friendly way about the remote control of the robot that delivered his coffee. But he also expressed that autonomous driving is indeed coming to the roads and mentioned the new developments in this field. He also talked about the commercialization of autonomous industrial vehicles in closed areas. 

Coffee ☕️

The team of THEO was happy to have the opportunity to deliver coffee and to give a teaser to the future THEOis bringing into reality, sooner than you think!