THEO makes its first food delivery on the EUREF campus, Berlin

The future is here!

THEO brings autonomy to the last mile, sooner than you think!

On 2nd September, the future arrived! THEO delivered a breakfast set for employees on the EUREF Campus. The breakfast set, which consisted of a croissant and a coffee, was ordered directly through THEO’s Delivery webshop. This webshop was specifically designed to run pilot projects on campuses. The web shop sends the coordinates for pick up and drop off locations and everything else was handled in the backend by THEO’s delivery platform. In the future, THEO will cooperate with delivery companies and use their existing tech infrastructure to receive delivery orders using a simple API interface.

10 minute deliveries

The delivery was planned for a 90 min window and all the buildings in the campus were with in the area of service. Immediately after launching the webshop, the first orders were placed. These were then delivered in batches thanks to THEO’s compartments. THEO delivery received 18 orders that were delivered to several locations on campus within approximately 10 minutes each.

Customers received an email as THEO was leaving from the café, so they could see THEO’s location live on the THEO delivery tracking platform. Customers were also able to get a live perspective of THEO’s “eyes,” thanks to the camera installed behind THEO’s display. When, THEO arrived at the door, the customers received a text message asking them to pick up their order.

The main goal of this pilot project was to understand the interaction between people and THEO. It was also to find out the features that need to be considered in the future for such an autonomous delivery solution.

Customers 💖 THEO

The customers fell in love with THEO right away and were very happy to meet THEO a second time when THEO did a pickup round of the recycling cups with which the coffee was delivered. They were really excited to receive the delivery from a robot.

THEO will back

THEO will be back on the EUREF campus making deliveries for the Deutsche Aktionstage Nachhaltigkeit which is week-long event from 20th to 24th September 2021. This time, THEO will be delivering lunch packages, emission-free and safe!