Plug-and-play API

With our easy integration of your business logic into our delivery platform, we will let you focus on your business to rake in more orders. Fire and forget, we will deliver and update!

Flexible boxes

Once a delivery ordered is sent in to our fleet manager, we will send a trike to pickup the order at the location. Multiple orders can be packed with flexible compartments for each order.

Ground Operations

Once we have your order, we take care of delivery. We control, operate and optimise the service offering with our semi-autonomous, human monitored delivery robot fleet.

Contactless delivery

Yes, truly contactless. We will arrive at the destination, post an update for the customer to pickup the package. No interfaces on the robot other than your mobile frontend to open and close target compartments

km per charge

kmph max speed

kg max payload

individual compartments

THEO is a semi-autonomous, emission-free, bot-as-a-service trike, optimised for the bike-lanes, maximising functionality and safety. When bike lanes are not available, it is also swift, light weight and agile enough to run in conventional car lanes and travel around your city without causing congestion.



Courier & Express

Food & Drinks

Theo will seamlessly integrate with the backend of on-demand delivery providers, such as food, quick commerce, e-commerce with same-day delivery, and last-mile logistic companies. Our service will take care of the entire ground operations, as well as the teleoperations stack. Therefore, we provide a one-stop, full-service delivery solution for our customers, so they can focus on what they are best at and do not have to worry about the delivery logistics for their products.

Partner with Theo

We are selectively running pilot projects, if you think you will benefit from our last-mile delivery service or you have a use case that you would like to deploy Theo, we are open for prospective partnerships.